Man Games Formula

1. Take a bunch of athletic guys.

2. Play a bunch of sports. 

3. Keep track of points and crown a winner.


Look, we live in a time where kids get participation trophies without showing up to a game. Athletes these days specialize in one sport and sure, they can hit a baseball, but can they kick a soccer ball past a goalie in a penalty shootout? Can they hit a putt when the pressure's on? Can they drive a manual transmission?

But you... nah... you're of a different breed. You grew up playing all sports. You would slide into first. You would recreate MJ game winners in the driveway, push-off and all. You would race your friends across a parking lot. You would rubbed dirt in it and throw a bag of frozen peas over your black eye.

Man Games started as a weekend getaway among friends. They challenged each other to a bunch of different sports, put together a complex points system with algorithms to make Google jealous, and an ultimate winner was crowned.

Then, this group wanted to challenge people like you to participate in this weekend of awesomeness. 

How's that for an origin story?


The original crew