The glory days
happen here.

The ultimate manly getaway where you get to prove you're not a middle-aged, washed-up, has-been.

Or... you come to realize that's exactly what you are. 

Almost got me... tell me more

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May 21 - 22, 2021
Midway, Utah

Team - Doubles
8 Team Limit

You and a friend (if they can be called that) show up to see how well you can hold your own against 7 other teams. 

The concept is pretty simple. Each team submits an event they think they will win. We all battle to see who still has the determination and skill to emerge victorious.

$100 per person - $200 per team
(This includes a swag bag, facility reservations, and prizes for event winners)
This does not include food, lodging, or rec. center entry fees and golf greens fees (if applicable). 


Become a Sponsor

You have the undivided attention of 24-40 something males with an interest in athletics, competition, and staying fit.

They want to feel stronger and faster as they run from the inevitability of Low-T and thinning hair. They want to take risks and become the next Bitcoin Billionaire... but with Dogecoin.  

These are your people.
Consider sponsoring.

You're washed up

At least, that's what your wife and kids want you to believe. 

But then there's that moment...'re leaning back in your home office chair and you've just fooled everyone on that last Zoom call into thinking that you were paying attention and not watching the highlights from yesterday's final round...

...and then it happens... you toss the most beautiful, high-arcing, Curry-esque, 3-ball made of paper into your trash can across the room and you realize...

...You still got it. 

8 Teams

Go against 7 other teams of men who think they are well-rounded enough to take you down. And we aren't referring to body type when we say well-rounded. 

8 Events

Each team selects which event they want included in Man Games. We play them all. You get points based on how well you do in each event. 
Choose wisely. 

2 Days

All events are crammed into a two-day, action-packed weekend with stiff competition, lifelong memories, and healthy male bonding. It'll be the time of your life.

1 Champion(s)

... there are two of you on the team so... I guess there are two champions, but 1 championship team. Make sense? No? Better hope math isn't an event.


“Nothing proves you're more of a man than flexing on other men by beating them in sports and video games at Man Games.”

- Ghandi

“I may not jump as high as I used to or have the ability to sprint, like, ever... but I totally embarrassed some punk-ass, middle-aged man in Halo because he used to talked to girls back in high school while I spent my teenage years mastering my craft as Master Chief.”

- JD Lewis

“I don't even care about winning. 2 days off to play sports with a bunch of dudes and no honey-do list... yes please.”

- Leo Gonzalez

“My husband won't stop talking about Man Games.
It's been a year.”

- Amber Gonzalez

What are you waiting for? Let's do this.