Man Games Policies

Terms & Conditions

Can we keep this simple? Or are you into all the legal jargon? 

Sportsmanship and conduct – Man Games, while it may seem like it is a massive organization with a brilliant executive team and perfectly organized events… is not. We are a bunch of dudes looking to have some fun and keep everyone safe. 

Winning is important, but sportsmanship is vital for us to get through so many events in such a small window.

Fighting, seeking to cause intentional harm, and inappropriately aggressive conduct, physical or verbal, will not be tolerated. If someone is violating basic sportsmanship, the first instance will be a warning. The second instance will be disqualification from the event in play, resulting in 0 points for the team in that event. A third instance will be disqualification from Man Games (fees will not be refunded).

Let's not make this a problem. But, we need to cover our bases.

Speaking of covering bases…

Waivers of liability

By registering for Man Games, each participant of Man Games agrees that they will not hold anyone associated with Man Games including the organizers, the other participants, or the facilities at which we will play, liable or responsible for any injury or illness that may occur. 

We are playing sports that involve physical exertion in a group with other people, so injury and/or illness is a possibility. If you have a pre-existing illness or injury that would put yourself or others at risk, we ask that you find an alternate activity.

Players are responsible for bringing their own personal equipment to Man Games. For those bringing equipment, you understand that we will do everything we can to ensure its safety and working order. In the event your equipment is damaged unintentionally or through the normal use of that equipment, you will not hold the participants, facilities, or Man Games organization responsible.

If a participant knowingly, intentionally, and maliciously damages, destroys, or renders equipment beyond repair, that participant will be responsible for compensating the owner of that equipment for damages equal to that equipment’s value at the time of use.  

Use of photos, videos, and results

We will be documenting this event with photos, videos, and results of the event. 

We agree not to display photos or videos publicly that would damage the reputation of any participants. We will be using photos and videos to show events in action that portray Man Games as the awesome experience that it is.

You acknowledge that photos obtained during Man Games that meet the above criteria of use can be used on the Man Games website ( and the Man Games social media pages.